Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Warm Oil Aromatherapy Massage, Japanese Hot Stone Massage,  Aromatherapy Facials, Deep Tissue MassageNo Hands MassageReikiIndian Head Massage &  Reflexology 

Treatments are given from the Space Yoga & Healing Studio, Thame, and the Wellbeing Clinic in Oxford, bookings in advance are preferred, but not always essential. To book in email: or mobile: 07825 255085  (For more info on the treatments please click the top right hand corner of this website)

2 thoughts on “Therapeutic Massage Treatments

  1. It is very seldom you come across a massage therapist that puts all her energy into the treatment. Vicki, is that therapist, she has always been able to make me feel relaxed, rejuvenated and centred after every session. Her no hands technique coupled with ancient techniques from East fused with the West make for a real treat.

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  2. I have been benefiting from a monthly massage with Vicki for several years and found her skill and connection with her techniques and with me invaluable in supporting and nurturing me. Initially committing to this regular oasis for myself felt hard to justify, but now, whilst not dependent on it, I value the way it enhances my experience of life so much, that I wouldn’t want to be without it. Thank you Vicki for your approach, both gentle/kind and powerful/profound at the same time – and always generous. Namaste.

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