Synergy Nutritional Products

I am also a distributor for Synergy Nutritional products, the V3 system is a powerful combination of organic products whose pure ingredients enhance the body’s natural ability to maintain health and vitality.

These products can be used by athletes or for anyone that is looking to achieve optimal health or improve their health and wellbeing, there is a  product that helps support the cardiovascular system, helping to reduce the build up of plaque and cholesterol and increase oxygen volume, energy levels, endurance and enables better recovery.

Other Synergy products include antioxidants supplements, energy drinks derived from healthy natural sources, drinks that help the body maintain alkalinity, and a Micro-Biome de-tox kit.

These products are all nutritional supplements and can be great when used with a healthy eating plan or can be an ideal way to achieve better health or get your diet back on track.

for more information or to attend one of our nutrition talks please contact me.     or     mobile 07825 255085


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