Client Testimonials

Client testimonials from some of my eau de vie clients 

“This was a wonderful massage. It left me feeling calm, relaxed, positive and strong. The points of tension I was experiencing prior to the massage were feeling better afterwards. There would be many reasons to return to Oxford, true, but this treatment would be one of the better ones!” David, Norway.

“The treatment Vicki gave me was fantastic, I felt quite tense and stressed before I arrived but the massage was incredibly relaxing and very quickly made feel calm. The style of massage with the use of the arms / forearms was great and allowed Vicki to get really deep and help release knots I had particularly in my shoulders. I will definitely be back, thank you!” Laura, Oxford.

“I was suffering from a very stiff shoulder and lots of tension, stress build-up and was in need of some serious ‘un-crunching’. Vicki’s treatment was wonderful, concentrating on key areas and making me totally relaxed so knots and lumps could be tackled. I immediately noticed a difference in my shoulder and muscles and left feeling 2 inches taller and completely unknotted. Vicki is one of the best therapists I have seen in a long time and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Karen, Oxfordshire.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this relaxed in my life!” Michael, Oxford.

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